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#2 Reason Some Couples Don't Hire A Planner

If you are planning your own wedding, that's fantastic!

It's a challenge but so many DIY couples do it successfully and have a great wedding day. But let's get the #1 reason many couples don't hire a wedding planner out of the's because they haven't budgeted for one or their budget is so small that it just isn't an option.

Now, for the #2 reason....drum roll please...

The #2 reason that many couples don't hire a wedding planner is because they believe that they can assign certain roles to their vendors.


If you ask any of these things of your vendors, that's not actually doing it yourself, is it?

Here it is, a little louder this time...

your vendors are not your wedding planner!

This is the most common reason so many couples ultimately get "fired" by one or more of their vendors.

We're here to help you avoid these blunders

without spending thousands on a wedding planner.

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Wedding Audit

Are you planning your own wedding but loosing sleep wondering if you’ve forgotten something? With our Wedding Audit,  we will review everything you have planned for your big day from your rental orders to your timeline, so you can rest easy knowing that all your bases are covered!


DIY Wedding Planning

Maybe hiring a planner just isn't in the budget. We have the solution! Our

Boss Bride-Wedding Planning Mastery Course

is perfect for the take charge couple looking for a complete road map to planning their wedding day like the pros do it!

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