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Your not going to find the staged "media ready" photos that make us look like we are are living luxury lifestyles here! 
You need to know who we really are...

Tracy: the real me

I will skip the typical "about me" that reads more like a job resume'  and just tell you who I am.

  I am an Alabama native although growing up an Army brat, I spent my childhood living everywhere from Germany to Washington DC.

I am the mother of three and I have a 4 year old red headed grandson that I am completely obsessed with!

Even after all the weddings I have done, I still cry when I see one of my brides for the first time in her dress and I am proud to say that I have never pierced a grooms heart or lung while pinning his boutonniere. 

My spreadsheets and planning processes are extremely organized but my desk currently consists of 9 ponytail holders, an bottle of B12,  a glue gun, a sign that says "Just another day in paradise" and lots of papers. Don't judge me!

I generally love any opportunity to be creative but especially with a wedding design because I believe that if it can be imagined...I will totally stay up until all hours of the night finding a way to make it happen!

When Carlee and I met, it was an instant connection! We are so different yet we are so alike which has made not only for a great relationship as business partners but as best friends...and her short stature makes her a great armrest, so there's that too.

Carlee: the real me

Since Tracy said what she did about the "about me's, I am going to make mine read exactly like a resume, solely to mess with her.  Teehee!

From Utah, I have a 22 yr old son who still lives there. I have had the pleasure of living in San Diego, Kansas City and now, my favorite place, Huntsville! I have been planning and coordinating events since 2009 but in the corporate space.  Which is why I traveled and moved around so much. I loved it but felt I wasn't able to really be creative and bring idea's I had to life. 

While planning a friends elaborate birthday party on an unrealistic timeline,  it occurred to me I could start my own business planning weddings and event! I knew I wanted to stay in Huntsville, that would allow me to stay, so I prayed about it and here we are! 


Several years later I still LOVE helping people plan their weddings. I have never been so fulfilled by what I do professionally. I am beyond grateful to have been able to establish my roots and build my dream life here. Most importantly, I am grateful I get to use my skills and talents to help other people create memories that will last a lifetime.

Oh, and Tracy is pretty cool too. 

Who We Are As A Company |


The Event Planner was founded from the desire to create well executed and memorable events for every client. We began this journey servicing couples and therefore, wanted to embrace events that truly represented each clients vision.

With our combined experience in weddings, corporate and social events coupled with a love for travel and fun, our goal was to build a foundation that focused on just being real and leaving the hype at the door. With a deep focus on our clients and their unique story, we strive to construct an event that is everything our clients imagined and then some while infusing our creativity with lavish personal touches. Always ready for a new adventure, The Event Planner offers our entire array of services throughout the United States and  abroad!

In order for us to do our best work, we need to get to know you. We want to know you as a couple and as individuals. How you met, what made you fall in love with each other, your personalities, things you like to do, what you are passionate about and how you like to have fun. We even want to know your pets! All of these things encompass who you are and help us create an experience that is all about you!

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Our Client (you) |

So who is an EP couple? First and foremost, they are very much in love and elated about getting married! They both want to be equally involved in planning their big day but can comfortably "divide and conquer" when needed. An EP couple either knows what they like and don't like already or will at least know it when they see it.

They are good communicators, are (or are learning to be) decisive decision makers and team players. Visuals are great but with a little help, they can also create a picture in their mind. They may have lots of ideas but are also very open to exploring new ones. EP couples have a great appreciation for creativity and for thinking "outside the box" but are also able to be practical and realistic.


They like to have a level of control but are willing to let someone they can trust take the reigns. They realize that their wedding day is as much about their guests experience as it is about their own so they want their day to be something that entices all the senses. They want everything from the flavor of the cake and food, the brilliance of lights and florals, the excitement of the music to the feel of luxury linens and draping to make them and their guests feel like they are in a dream!

So you've decided we are a match...GREAT! Let's go on a date!

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