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Wedding Planning Audit

Are you planning your own wedding but going crazy wondering if you’ve forgotten something? Perhaps you’ve planned your rental list or typed up your day-of timeline, but are you actually sure your plan work? It’s ok! Most couples haven’t done this before, so wondering if you’ve done it right is totally normal.

Let us help you assess your plans prior to the big day so you can stay sane and actually enjoy your wedding day!

- Initial one hour phone assessment to review your planning status and set you up for success

In order to determine how to best execute your wedding day, it's important that we know what you have done and what has been overlooked.

- To-do checklist & planning schedule based on your wedding date and initial assessment

Once we have gathered where you are, we will devise a plan of action for you so that you can be assured that you are on track for wedding day.

 - Assistance with building your timeline

An effective and functional wedding day timeline is vital in preventing derailing of your wedding day. We will assist you in building out a timeline to ensure that your day has a natural flow and you aren't feeling stressed or overly exhausted...and so you aren't putting your vendors in a position of doing things they are not responsible for.

 - Review of your layout & adjustment recommendations

Your layout has a much bigger impact on your guests experience and your vendors ability to do their job effectively, than you might think. We will review your exiting layout plans and/or make our experienced recommendations to ensure your layout is functional and comfortable for everyone.

 - Wedding décor assessment

Often times, with décor, there are many aspects that are overlooked or not even considered at all. We will evaluate your décor plan and make recommendations...some that may likely end up saving you money or even a little embarrassment.

 - Set up & clean up plan assessment

These are aspects of the wedding day that many couples "think" they have ironed out and "it will be pretty easy" but this rarely ends up holding true when the big day arrives. We will assess or assist you in creating a set up and clean up plan that won't leave you pulling our your hair!

 - Tips on working with your vendors on wedding day

Effective communication with your vendors can quite literally make or break a couples wedding day. Having worked with hundreds of vendors on wedding days, our guidance will enable you to provide your vendors with all of the instruction and information they need to execute your wedding day without having to venture outside of their service obligations.

- Assistance with creating task assignments for your day-of volunteers

Never assume that people will just show up or stay to help with everything on wedding day. Trust us when we say it never happens. With our assistance, you will have a task assignments that will ensure everything is handled on wedding day without leaving anyone feeling like they were only invited to your wedding day to work!

- Final 30 min call to make sure all bases are covered and you have a solid plan in place

14 days before your wedding, we will go through everything with you to make sure all bases have been covered, you aren't feeling like there is something you have forgotten and you are ready to send out layouts and timelines that your vendors will think you are an actual wedding planner!


a $500 value 

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