Choosing the right menu for the season

Most couples know that their wedding day colors should be driven by the season in which their wedding is taking place but many don't realize that this same school of thought should translate into their menu as well!

Choosing the right food and drink options is essential to pulling together your vision for your wedding. Your wedding menu will likely be impacted by what foods are in season and are typically associated with the time of year you get married. Keeping in mind the season will ensure that you are serving your guests fresh, flavorful food. Choosing a seasonal wedding menu also gives you the opportunity to play with unique flavors and unexpected food and drink ideas. Whether you get married around Christmas or in the middle of summer, there are plenty of options for catering your menu to the flavors of the season during your wedding reception.

The menu you choose will likely also be impacted by the style of wedding reception you are having. Whether you are serving a sit-down dinner to your guests, having a buffet or offering small bites during cocktail hour, consider choosing seasonal foods to really impress your guests. Adding special touches like wedding menu cards can also add a special touch to your event.


If you are getting married in the spring, play up the bright flowers, pastel colors and light flavors that the season is known for. Make sure to incorporate the many fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are in season this time of year, like asparagus, melons, apricots, lavender, and mint. Celebrate the warmer weather by choosing foods that will complement blooming seasonal florals and bright sunshine.


Spring Wedding Menu Ideas



  • Assorted charcuterie board

  • Colorful fruit bar

  • Mixed green salad with a raspberry-infused vinaigrette

  • Deconstructed bruschetta

  • Mini shrimp salad rolls


Signature Drinks:

  • Bellinis

  • Raspberry coolers (champagne and raspberry sorbet)

  • Mint Juleps

  • Make-your-own Mimosas

  • Assorted flavors of lemonade (such as lavender, raspberry, and peach)


Main Courses:

  • Orange-soy glazed scallops

  • Lightly seasoned trout with parsley-caper vinaigrette

  • Spring vegetable risotto

  • Grilled rack of lamb with asparagus

  • Herb-roasted chicken and rice with fresh apricot


Cake And Desserts:

  • Lavender wedding cake

  • Macaroons

  • Petit Fours

  • Colorful candy bar

  • Grab-and-go cotton candy stand


Choose a menu that complements your wedding venue, whether you’ll be on the beach, hosting a backyard barbecue, or escaping the heat with an indoor ceremony.

Consider featuring summer favorites in your menu like peaches, watermelon, basil, and cucumber to embrace some of the season’s most famous flavors. Help your guests cool down from scorching hot temps with refreshing eats and drinks, cooling cocktails, and cold desserts.


Summer Wedding Menu Ideas



  • Miniature crab cakes

  • Antipasto display

  • Caprese salad

  • Shrimp gazpacho

  • Frozen watermelon slices  


Signature Drinks:

  • Cocktail Paletas

  • Basil Gimlets

  • Mai Tais

  • Sweet tea

  • Cold sodas  


Main Courses:

  • Pulled pork sandwiches

  • Grilled chicken with sweet summer vegetables

  • Brisket with mashed potatoes

  • Lobster mac and cheese

  • Shrimp and grits


Cake And Desserts:

  • Naked wedding cake

  • Strawberry shortcake

  • Ice cream sandwiches

  • Snowcone cart

  • Peach blueberry cobbler




Fall is a popular time to get married due to the predictable weather and the rich colors of the season that make the perfect backdrop for a wedding celebration. If you’re getting married during the autumn months, consider a menu full of rich flavors, cozy appetizers, warming cocktails, and hearty main courses. For a truly autumnal feel to your wedding, choose dishes that feature the unique palate-pleasing flavors that fall is famous for like apples, pumpkin, root vegetables, and cinnamon. Coordinate the look of the day down to your napkins for a truly cohesive look.


Fall Wedding Menu Ideas



  • Filo tarts with spinach, pumpkin and pine nuts

  • Potato leek soup shooters

  • Bacon-wrapped dates

  • Cranberry and brie bites

  • Sweet potato rounds topped with cheddar and chives


Signature Drinks:

  • Spiked apple cider with cinnamon

  • Moscow mules

  • Honeycrisp apple sangria

  • Hot apple cider

  • Cinnamon rosemary old fashioned


Main Courses:

  • Grilled petite filet with roast potatoes

  • Roasted pork loin with sautéed apple slices

  • Cornish game hen with wild rice

  • Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sauce

  • Wild mushroom risotto


Cake and desserts:

  • Decadent chocolate cake

  • Spiced carrot cake

  • Mini apple and pumpkin pies

  • Make-your-own smores  

  • Caramel apples


Comfort food is the perfect staple of a winter wedding menu, as cold-weather events provide an opportunity to serve heavier fare than you typically would during other seasons. Warm up your guests from cold temperatures with a delicious hot meal and cozy cocktails.

Choose a menu that features homely entrees, indulgent desserts, and festive drinks. Consider featuring seasonal flavors like cranberry, mushroom, and dark chocolate to create a winter menu full of decadent delights. If you’re celebrating close to Christmas, be sure to remember the day and your delicious reception with a photo card after the holidays.


Winter Wedding Menu Ideas



  • Pancetta wrapped asparagus

  • Mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup

  • Butternut squash soup with bleu cheese

  • Baked brie with blackberry compote

  • Pear bruschetta

Signature Drinks:

  • Hot toddies

  • Mulled wine

  • Sparkling apple-cranberry juice

  • Poinsettia spritz punch

  • Salted caramel white Russians


Main Courses:

  • Filet mignon with green beans

  • Herb crusted lamb and mashed potatoes

  • Stuffed portobello mushrooms

  • Beef tenderloin with roasted potatoes

  • Chicken pot pie with winter vegetables


Cake And Desserts:

  • Red velvet cake

  • Dark chocolate cake

  • Hot chocolate bar

  • Donut bar

  • Homemade toffee