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Things to know before you decide not to hire a wedding planner

It's nice to think that your friend, family member or even one of your bridesmaids can help you plan your wedding day. The reality is that even the most well meaning people quite often get in way over their heads. This can even apply to vendors and venues that offer to help couples plan their wedding. But just because someone has been to a wedding, planned their own or even work in the wedding doesn't make them a wedding planner. This is something that takes years to perfect and is never as easy as people think it is.

Before you decide to NOT hire a wedding planner or let a friend/family member/bridesmaid plan your wedding, consider these:

  1. There are tons of vendors. How do I know which one is the best fit for my wedding?

  2. Do we know how much things actually cost when it comes to weddings?

  3. Do we have the experience to know what I should and should not spend my budget on?

  4. Wedding planning is stressful and can make people crazy. How might this impact our relationships?

  5. Do we know all the nuances and commonly forgotten details that go into wedding planning?

  6. Can I really trust that I will get practical unbiased advice vs just being told what I want to hear?

  7. Do I really want to share with my friend/family member/bridesmaid how much money I am spending?

  8. Would I be better off enjoying the fun parts of my wedding journey with my friend/family member/bridesmaid and leaving the logistics to a professional?

  9. Do we know wedding etiquette and faux pas to avoid?

  10. Does my friend/family member/bridesmaid have significant experience with actually planning a wedding?

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