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Wedding Planners can be so disappointing!

Wait! Wedding Planners said that?!?!

Yes we did! Here's why...

The wedding industry is still largely made up of  “solopreneurs”. It's a creative, independent group of wildly enthusiastic people. They are happier than the stereotypical corporate worker, because they are forging their own way in an industry they genuinely love. 


But because the barriers to entry are low in the wedding industry, you run into people that lack the actual experience and skill to deliver top notch work. And unfortunately, this is more common with wedding planners than with other wedding vendors because so many think that because they planned their own wedding or helped a friend plan theirs…suddenly they are a “wedding planner”.


The highly skilled wedding planners carry enormous frustration about this, because we are also in an industry where our clients don't have much knowledge going into the experience. So under-skilled professionals can look very similar to highly skilled ones.

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