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The Inside Track: Hair & Makeup

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Relook Artistry, LLC

Kristin Weatherman, owner & hair/makeup artist


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This is for all the brides out there who may be on the fence about the need to hire a hair stylist and makeup artist for their wedding day. Take a minute to read this over because it might help you make that final decision. It won’t take long, I promise! 

My name is Kristin Weatherman I am the owner of Relook Artistry LLC and Lush Blow Dry Bar & Beauty Co., I have been active in the beauty world now for over eighteen years. Freelancing for myself now for over fifteen of those years. I started my beauty career working with MAC Cosmetics and soon knew I would love running my own Beauty company one day. 


When it comes to your wedding day does hiring a professional makeup artist really make a difference?


As nice as it is for a friend to offer their makeup skills on your upcoming nuptials, hiring a professional makeup artist has many advantages, most importantly flawless wedding photos that showcase your beautiful facial features as well as enhance your own personal style to reflect a luminous glowing you.

Planning a wedding comes along with an incredible amount of work and time, but we’re not complaining because it is one of the most important days of our clients’ lives (and we also really just love our jobs)! This is a single day that will be filled with so many special moments and memories that will last for years to come. With that said, you will have spent a great deal of money on your photographer, your dress, your venue…so why not pull it all together with a professional to make sure you look your best? 


The photographs taken on your wedding day will be ones you will look back on for the rest of your life. Even if you are someone who does your makeup every morning, we believe it is super important to hire someone who specializes in makeup and hair for photography. Professionally done hair and makeup shows much better in photos than our every day style. We promise, you will be happy you did in the long run!  


If I could give my Brides one tip for the big day it would be make sure you are happy with your look because all the focus is on you and the Groom for the big day and you want to feel and look your best 

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