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As wedding planners, we work with a lot of clients and clients like Laura & Grey remind us why we love what we do. They were consistently on top of planning tasks and fantastic communicators! That made the wedding planning process with these two a breeze.



This weather!! A wedding up at Burritt on the Mountain always makes for a great day, but the mild fall weekends are absolutely incredible! Laura and Grey’s Burritt wedding had perfect weather, so many sweet emotional moments, and a lively dance party for a perfect ending.

We started the day with getting all of their details in place and lining up the vendors. Laura even left the photographers a list explaining the significance of some of the items in their details box, which helped them use those details to tell their story even better! Some pj-and-mimosa pictures later, things were ready and off to a whole day full of really incredible, emotional, meaningful moments. More on that in a second!

The main event was no exception. Laura and Grey exchanged their vows on The View just an hour before sunset. The View is one romantic place for a ceremony!

A Few of Our Favorite Moments

This day was full of super sweet moments. The first time we completely melted into a puddle was during the bride and groom gift exchange. There is just so much genuine emotion that spills over as Laura and Grey love each other so well and show it in the little ways.

The second puddle moment was during the first look with Laura’s Godfather. The shared love they have for each other and for Laura’s father was truly special. And the third puddle moment was definitely during Laura and Grey’s first look with each other. This is one of the hundreds of reasons we LOVE those first looks! These moments are so real and so unscripted.

Our favorite detail of all was the gift Laura gave Grey on their wedding day. She engraved a watch with Grey’s mother’s handwriting on the back of it, reminding him of her love. Carrying that piece of his precious mom with him on his wedding day, along with Laura’s bouquet charm with a picture in memory of her dad was incredibly special. They honored their parents in so many meaningful ways throughout the day.

One last one! Laura’s handkerchief was created from satin, lace, and a button from her grandmother’s wedding dress. I love that so much! 

The Sunset

Most of us have fallen in love with Burritt’s sunset somewhere along the line. Laura and Grey had an EPIC evening display for their wedding day! The pinks and oranges were on fire! That glow of absolute perfection is only around for a really short time.

So many amazing moments, and here are just a few...

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