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What a wedding planner

Many have misconceptions about what a wedding planner is and is not (aka What is their job!)


So here are the straight facts...

to summarize a few of the larger points


– you plan your wedding day

– Provide you with a planning checklist & schedule 

– Give you advice on managing your wedding budget 

– Recommending or assisting you with choosing vendors that meet your needs

– Help you with vendor communication & act as your liaison when needed 

– Give you practical advice or even the ugly truth

Facilitate meetings with your vendors when needed

– Act as your advocate with your venue and vendors

– Try to prevent you from frivolous spending

Educate you on wedding etiquette and faux pas to avoid

Advise you on the best ways to collect and manage your RSVP's

– Create your layout

Remind you to pay your vendors

Confirm your vendors for wedding day

Create your wedding day timeline

Coordinate your ceremony rehearsal

Make sure everything on wedding day goes according to plan

Ensure the couples needs are being met throughout the evening

–  plus a million and one other details that can't possibly be listed on one website page!


– Plan your wedding day for you - not even for full planning!

– Work on tasks that are outside of your planning service package

– Manage your money or determine your budget

– Go on a wild goose chase for items you saw on Pinterest or Google Images

– Attend vendor meetings for you

– Purchase anything on your behalf

– "Loan" you their décor or equipment for free so you can save money

Get you discounts on vendor services or products

Contact your guests

– Referee family or relationship drama

– Pick up or return your dresses/suits

Pay your vendors or negotiate payment extensions

Set up table/chairs or decorate

Break venue rules

Ask vendors to do things that are outside their scope of work

Hold your rings or valuables

– Assemble all of the stuff you bought for your wedding (this includes unpackaging all those packs of sparklers!)

Transport any of your wedding day items including gifts, food or cake (either before or after the ceremony)

Attend to the needs of the parents, family or wedding party

Clean up the venue

– Generally provide services that are outside of their scope of work or your planning package

So how do you get the most out of your planning services and your wedding planner?

  • Don't take advantage of them by asking for assistance you know isn't part of your package

  • Remember that what seems like a small "ask" to you, may not be to your planner

  • Be honest & upfront...especially when it comes to the wedding budget!

  • Have respect for others time by remembering that you are not the only client and that your planner does like to have personal time...this means it's not ok to text them after "normal" hours (usually after 9pm or before 8am)

  • Be prepared for your planning calls and complete your planning tasks

  • Stay active and involved in the planning process

  • Limit the decision makers and people involved in the planning process 

  • Surround yourself with positive people who support you...not joy killers!

  • Remind your wedding party that they are there to support you....not act like your wedding planner/coordinator

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