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We couldn't have asked for a better way to start the Summer 2023 wedding season than with a destination wedding in beautiful Mexico! We’re jumping right in with Ashleigh & Patrick's amazing celebration that kicked off with an all black dress attired Cocktail Party. Guests came dressed to impress and have a great evening. The yummy craft cocktails and photo booth kicked off the excitement and the throwback music got everyone in the dancing mood.


Planning a wedding with these two was non-stop fun and lots of laughs. Their relaxed personalities and the fact that they were very hands on, made the process smooth and efficient.

A Few of Our Favorite Wedding Details

There was so much to love at this gorgeous wedding that there almost seems to be too much to list so we'll just hit a few highlights starting with the backdrop! With the pops of the earthy oranges, mixed with pinks and neutrals, it was fun but sophisticated. Guests loved taking photos in front of it and it was certainly a focal point.

Next up...can we give a big nod for the tables. From the crisp white china and polished flatware, to the florals. It is so hard to describe the thoughtfulness of the centerpieces. Multiple small arrangements in what appeared to be individually unique handmade pots, adorned each table and were complimented by tapered candles. The tablescapes felt both sophisticated and homey.

Again, credit to the florals. Specifically the breathtaking floral chandelier over the dance floor. It was like a field of flowers was dropping from the sky...with globes of light! We caught many guests just standing and staring at it, in total awe. It was most certainly an attention getter!

The seating chart deserves credit and is among our favorite seating chart presentations. A full length 5ft mirror welcomed guests into the reception space. Each table number card affixed with color coordinated wax seals. This was such a nice seating chart and it was refreshing to see something different for a change :)

Lastly (because we can't go on forever), the vintage telephone guest book was such a unique and memorable addition to this wedding. Guests picked up the receiver to hear a personalized outgoing message from Patrick & Ashleigh and then were able to leave a message of their own. They received so many fun and heartfelt messages.

This was definitely a memorable wedding for us full of so many refined touches and who doesn't love a weekend in Mexico, right?

Honestly, there were too many aspects of this wedding that were favorites to even list them all!

Here is a little sneak peek into Patrick & Ashleigh's beautiful Mexico nuptials...

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